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Player 1 is "A" and "S". Cursor is moved with Arrows.

Player 2 is "K" and "L". Cursor is moved with Numpad.

Plot Summary

It is the future, the year 20XX. Mega corporation Big Yen is no longer content to simply dominate the world of business. As part of their diabolical schemes, they've conjured up a contest of strength to weed out the strongest people in the world. They must find the FIST CHAMPION. Mr. President, CEO of Big Yen, plans to use the combined strength of the combatants to improve his secret invasion fleet of killer robots. Are you strong enough to foil his evil plans?

Update Info

You can follow development of FIST CHAMPION at my blog: http://sneslink.blogspot.com/

Beta Ver 0.2

This is my initial build for Beta. Pretty much everything is a little broken, but I wanted to have a baseline to build off of. Look forward to more regular updates in the near future.

What's working?

  • 5 stages
  • 6 characters
  • None of these are in a completed state
  • Mostly everything is broken

What's broken?

  • Mostly everything is a little broken

What's next?

  • Redo the character animation (Already in progress)
  • Flesh out environments
  • Redo the HUD
  • Add SFX in the fights
  • More visual flair